I just bought me a Windows Phone 8 Lumia 920 yesterday.

It has frozen 5 times in about 5 hours of use.  I have to soft reset it each time.  I have installed very few apps, and each time it freezes I am doing something different.

I had hoped to develop a Windows Phone 8 game and use my phone as a test platform.

But If it is so unstable then I can't keep this as my actual phone.

I am deciding between taking it back for a refund or asking for a new one (maybe it is just my phone).  But looking online I have seen that this is not an isolated problem.

So, I thought I would ask if there are any success stories out there?  Anyone have a Windows Phone 8 (preferably a Lumia 920) that is working well?  If so do you really "use it" or are you just doing internet searches, email and phone calls?