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Art of Touch

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    This is probably the most "artistic" of sites that I've seen Microsoft come up with. Pretty impressive, and it's all HTML.

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    Hey, Microsoft eats its own dog food (albeit in a non-conventional way).

    To save your raw path data, we built a custom server component using Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation. This component allows us to recreate your original 1280-pixel by 690-pixel artwork from scratch, stroke by stroke, and render it out to alternate resolutions. That's how the artwork you first see in HTML5 on your screen can be displayed on your wall—or a postcard, computer desktop, or phone. Once your artwork is saved to the server, it's incorporated into the Sea of Art communal canvas and available for others to view. The Sea of Art is a composite of everyone's renderings, served up via repeated AJAX calls to the server and delivered in a format that's optimized for smooth scrolling as you explore the visual landscape.

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