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As Microsoft Turns 42 Years Old

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    I received an eMail from Bing rewards the other day showing a picture of the first Microsoft Product.

    it was a paper tape recording media that contained version 1.0 of Microsoft Basic.  I looked at that picture and at that moment I dated myself and also sat in wonder at how much of an accomplishment there has been. 

    Just looking at that "Paper Tape" ( I have a few Microsoft Paper Tape Programs as well as Paper Tape Programs from Others and My own) Still.

    Then yo can't forget "Punch Card Decks" , "9Track Reel Tapes", Cassette Data Tape", 8 inch Diskette" single sided  double sided, 5 1/4 inch , 3, 1/2 inch,  iomega removable, Removable optical, CD Recordable CD , CDRW DVD -R DVD+R BW, Flash, SD, Micro SD, Cloud, ..........

    and the List goes on and on and on the technology has progressed at a RAPID pace Beyond any wild imagination.  programing and coding has progressed at a pace beyond ANY wild imagination.

    some have said Programming and or coding is dead NO WAY

    it may have change and or evolved or progressed.

    but it will ALWAYS be there.    



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    Now let just forget the storage medias for a minute and think about the evolution of CPUs and the ever expanding instruction sets, you'll recognize we've gone the long way to write and then throw away codes, and there's yet more to write and then throw away. :P

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