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View Thread: Asus Me400c, Surface RT, and Surface 2?
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    I bought a Surface Pro 128GB for my wife on her first Mother's Day.  It's really nice, faster than the RT, but thicker, heavier (not too bad), and a lot hotter than the RT.  It runs out of juice much faster, faster than you might expect.  The pen input is great, especially for the desktop where fingers are just too big to accurately interact.  I installed VS2012 and updates, but haven't had a chance to get it away from her long enough to try coding on it.  Hope to do that soon.  However, I've noticed that she switches between the RT and Pro like it's nothing, and doesn't seem to care, and may actually prefer the RT because it's lighter and cooler and doesn't run out of power on her all day long.  She probably doesn't want to tell me she prefers the RT, but it wouldn't bother me because then I'd just use the Pro and she can keep my RT.

     I was pretty disappointed that the Pro doesn't have Office on it though ... have to say ... did not even think about it.  I assumed it would be included.