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    I'm curious if anyone would like to share their good or bad Azure experiences.  We've just recently decided to back away from SQL Azure for a bit.  We seem to spend a lot of time working around issues or fabricating new ways to do things that just work under SQL Server.  The killer this past week was a fairly reasonable database size (2.7 GB) taking 25 minutes to copy to a new database on the same server as the source database.  In and of itself it wouldn't have been the trigger to back away.  However, since there isn't a backup mechanism in SQL Azure and this is why the database copy strategy is suggested ... that kinda helped a lot.

    The tooling in Visual Studio helps a lot.  Creating web roles, worker roles, packaging it up, all good. It is difficult at times to see the differences in the projects for azure versus on-premise.  I'd guess for someone who already knows Azure differences it makes sense.  For me going the other way, from VS to discovering Azure differences, it is't always readily transparent.  Nothing bad.  I often just have that unsettled feeling that there is more going on under the covers that I really need to know about to really understand .... and leverage.

    Azure's auto load balancing with inrole shared caching rocks in concept.  We need to progress further along with Azure to see how it performs though.

    I'm bummed and was just curious to hear from others.