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Azure prizing question

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    Lets say I want to run a new search engine. Behind the scenes it would need a bot/script gathering information from the web and storing this information in a local database to make searching faster (like google and bing probabbly do).

    To run this bot will I need to pay 24/7 compute hours? Even if I only get one search query a day on my brand new sparkling search engine targetting my database repository?


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    @CKurt: Unless you have a lot of money to burn, don't use Azure. There are cheaper alternatives.

    Yes you can turn your worker role on and off whenever you want but are you always going to remember it?

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    My prediction: Azure will look like a 100% clone of AppEngine very soon. Very very soon. Meaning per page invocation, cron (task-scheduler) API, memcache API, a NoSQL database, and most important: no talk about instances, roles, routing, and the like. In other words PaaS not IaaS. I am aware that Microsoft is calling Azure PaaS and I don't understand why. But then my acquaintance with Azure is only superficial. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

    I think Microsoft's error with Azure is that it's trying to take the single-server paradigm to the cloud. It might win the support of current-generation .net developers (and also PHP devs) who are used to managing servers, but Google's approach is more logical if you're making a site with a view towards scalability. you know, Google knows a few things about that Smiley.

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    @fanbaby: I don't see any advantages of AppEngine.

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    @ZippyV: Okay, so my prediction was right, I would have to pay 24/7 compute hours! Thanks ZippyV !

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    Seems like Azure and the other "Cloud" platforms i have seen are mostly todays new buzzword for sales.  I have been looking at them and trying to see how a startup could win / make money using them and I have still not found a good case for it.


    I like a lot of the *IDEAS* but the prices just do not add up as far as i can see. Most of what they do you can do with low cost web hosting, the only thing you lose is the redundant hardware that keeps you running if a node goes down.

    but by the time you are paying for multiple hot nodes you can buy servers and manage them.

    granted that costs but then so does Azure ....

    they say it's cost effective but seems like only a CPA can show that with a bunch of numbers that the average guy will never understand.

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    @figuerres: True dat.

    I WANTED so bad to recommend and use Azure but alas, I cannot Sad

    For me it's a real head-scratcher. Any organization I can think of who might benefit would have to disregard a non-trivial investment in existing infrastructure. Sure an incremental/hybrid approach is viable but, again, how/why would you sell that? Perhaps the less-than-scrupulous technologist could make the sell. I dunno :-/

    Anyone sold this? What am I missing?

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