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    @evildictaitor: I wholeheartedly agree with both your posts. From Build 2011 to-date IMO they use silence and deflection as their principle communication strategies. They can justify all they want about how other vendors do the same but it doesn't move them to the top of my stack because of it.

    Microsoft is a big company so I can understand that sometimes they'll have vague, varying, sometimes contradictory views coming out of the company. IMO, where it falls apart is when the guy at the top sets the tone of "Developers! Developers! Developers!" and they fail to communicate a complete roadmap for developers going forward at such events as Build they make it more difficult for developers to make Microsoft their choice. It seems like the "developer message" is "we'll broaden the base by including more commonly known HTML and javascript in the stack so we have more developers we can burn through".