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View Thread: Ballmer: 400 Million W8 Devices in a year!
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    , wkempf wrote

    1. Sure, but the comparison isn't going to be easy. For instance, comparing year for year figures for WP7 vs. iPhone when each was released is about as fair as you can get, and yet that comparison is (somewhat rightly) always knocked down as comparing apples to oranges. IOW, both sides will spin these numbers and fanbois on both sides will claim victory while no one else will care.

    When sales of your phones and market share growth are an order of magnitude less that your competitors that's a pretty good indicator that you're not doing too well. Lumping all W8 sales together obscures this point.

    2. Not sure why that matters, but sure. I expect the numbers to be staggering, and probably over inflated when you consider most laptops/ultrabooks are going to include touch interfaces from this point on.

    Not "touch included", "touch usage". Synofsky painted a picture that the world would convert to touch overnight and that people would be befuddled trying to use something that was not touch driven. If touch isn't used that really wasn't a success and Microsoft should consider investing in something else (i.e. when voice recognition on the desktop went no where despite their best efforts).

    3. Really can't agree here. The point of W8 is supposed to be "no compromise". You know, the "combination of a fridge and a toaster". Microsoft doesn't want a decline in desktop usage.

    It seems to me that the desktop was left in place in order to generate these big sales numbers and not piss of their corporate customers. IMO Microsoft wants people to progress towards the modern UI where modern interfaces such as touch are better supported.

    4. Oh, so customer satisfaction is more important than revenue? Funny... there's a whole industries (such as cell phone and cable service) where customer satisfaction is abysmal all the way around, and yet the businesses are highly successful. In any event, there are enough Microsoft haters around that it's unlikely any survey could accurately measure this, even if there were an increase.

    Seems to me that Apple's success is greatly due to user satisfaction. Customer's trust Apple's stuff to "just work". I'm sure Microsoft would love to have as many fanbois as Apple. How are you going to groom new ones if they are unsatisfied?

    5. Sure. That one's a given, as all PCs will include W8 going forward. Even Vista had great numbers here.

    No argument there except that it doesn't indicate that things like the adoption of WP or the modern UI was a success. In the long run that won't help Microsoft stay relevant.