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View Thread: Ballmer confirms shift to devices and services
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    , RobGreenly wrote


    OK. Last time I checked, $99 is $80-$100. But Microsoft undercut the OEMs all the time with Xbox 1 and Xbox 360, selling at a loss to gain popularity. I don't see any legal issues in that.

    Right. Especially since there were/are no OEMs building game consoles based on Microsoft's OS.

    But I think that either MS should stay out of the hardware business,


    or pay the OEMs to build Microsoft hardware. That would give the OEMs incentives to build beautiful hardware.

    Did you miss the part where the OEMs had the chance to build "beautiful hardware" since, like, forever, and they've ALWAYS squandered it?

    If in the future they'll come out with decent offerings, we can thank the Surface kick in the pants for that.