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Ballmer confirms shift to devices and services

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    , kettch wrote

    @RobGreenly: But Samsung charges Microsoft more for Samsung components than Samsung charges Samsung for Samsung components. End result: It's a wash.

    It may be, it may not be. All I'm saying is that we do not have the information to make a reasoned assessment and so we should really try not to derive conclusions and "facts" from our position of ignorance.

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    , PaoloM wrote

    ...reasoned assessment...

    As if such a thing exists on the internet. Anyway, I agree. I don't see how it's at all productive to try and guess how much stuff costs to make. You either will fork out the money, or not. Undervaluing your product is more dangerous that charging too much. You can always lower prices, but it's very hard to raise them after they've been low.

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