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Be careful what you wish for...

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    ...cause you just might get it.

    Hello nine, nine, nine, (billy bibb,bbi,,bibit..) niners.

    It is the - end - of my birthday... (1:30). what better time to post on channel 9? Wink

    48. sheesh. 2 years to go. (Logans run...2014?)

    ANYWAY... I guess youre all wondering (not) why I decided to post - most likely to rant and complain...  guess what.  nope.


    A while back when the preview came out I loaded it on the HP touchsmart - I think at the time i wrote - it was fast fun but insane to use and figure out.


    So I left it in the kids room - no games no apps - just sitting there (theyd go to lego .com etc)

    But then i read all the steve b articles - and rebuttles and synopsises and yadda.


    The best one was the guy who said that this whole vanity fair thing isnt a play of personalities - with villans and heroes - its not that simple.  It is the winds of change that decifer when you are cool or not.


    I thought that made alot of sence.

    Then i re-read a whole lot of articles about win 8 - metro

    I LEARNED that there was stuff in the corners!

    *** i never NEW that before...

    I found the "magical" treats bar - or whatever it is - i found by going bottom left you went to start bar.


    I never knew any of this before.


    So i go right to setting up the whole machine. again. I noticed it had like a terrabyte drive - so I grabbed my 2T external and basically dumped 50 movies, 2000 albums and 400 folders of photos on to it (first time it has ever been used as a huge USB stick.


    So now that i can WORK metro - and the stuff i open is all full and i can see whats really going on (for the first time)


    i gotta say....  wow.

     all the stuff we used to talk about - that i made fake designs for - like make media center have explorer - add on UI  - or -  take all these damb log ins and make a central place for them..


    then theres the clean UI - re-looking at it - especially after saying "show everything on your screen bigger" - (27") metro looks cool.

    I can zip back and forth - i like how it is like media centre skin - with good ol win underneath.

    I also noticed that while the start menu had everything metro did in it - the way it is now displayed is so ..pervasive.. i even made a new ms account ( did use jamieandtory@hotmail enough) and made my log in live.


    Unfortunately - most of the apps now say - not working or store gone for now - or etc... bu8t i can picture it.


    So back to those articles - ya i think after 10 years of being uncool - guess what - ms - is about to get cool again - even WITH ballmer (you old nut)

    Tides shift things change - horizontal goes vertical - then back again.


    i think everyone is under estimating just how hard it is to re- learn a few things ( especially once your SHOWN the 4 things you need to work it) and it does look simple flat and 2d like road signs.


    So i guess ms may have listened - even a little bit to stuff we all posted 5 years ago.

    I have no complaints - and i just wanted to say - i finally get it. it is a tsunami - it is aimed at goolge FB and apple. it is live tiles - it is more logical - it combines all your disparate things. and it is coming right at ALL of them (they might forget how GOOD A FRIEND ms can be - giving you stuff you want - easily.- perhaps many young people havent even seen/learned that yet. 

    I cant wait to see this play out. 

    so .... KUDOS!!!


    that said - (ha you didnt think i really wasnt going to complain did you?) there HAS to be MORE customization. PLEASE - let me choose backgrounds for my tiles - bigger or smaller or no icons - change fonts - change tiles sizes - have right mouse regular properties on tiles - you know - like when we saw properties for the first time in win 95 - everything you wanted to know about files but where afraid to ask - right THERE - in the FILE.

    Mac users were like - i dont no WHERE the heck my files go - why are you trying to do that to us.  We need control - give us options!

    PS - ive been using media center within it because metro wont play 70% of my avi's - and also i dont want your stuff first (featured blas - my stuff - store) i want my stuff (movies) first - and also not under "Other" my stuff is first - your stuff can be "other" ka peesh? lol


    ok thats it. nice long rant. hi everyone.

    im going to hit post - then fix what spelling i can




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    ps - i think i also read you bought some touch screen code company - thank GOD (yours is the worst compaired to android tab and iphone)

    Tongue Out




    Generic Forum Image Facebook


    Generic Forum Image Google maps


    Generic Forum Image PDF


    etc...etc.....i LOVE it! haha


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    Hope you had a great birthday, Jamie.

    Thanks for sharing. Been waiting to hear from you about Windows 8.

    Good times ahead indeed.


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    , jamie wrote

    Mac users were like - i dont no WHERE the heck my files go - why are you trying to do that to us.  We need control - give us options!



    I would have put the emphasis on MY FILES just as much as WHERE. Having an OS or an application choose where to put YOUR stuff just means that people will be more disorganized. I've seen so many people over the years who have no clue where their stuff is so they end up losing everything during system upgrades or drive crashes because they have no clue how to find their own stuff to back it up.

    Still today people think you need to open up the app a file was created on to find stuff. They have no clue how to go to the FOLDER the file is stored in or where to find it. I've known people who rely on the "most recently opened" menu to find their files. Of course this method fails once that menu gets bigger than 10 items or so and the older ones get pushed out.

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    "Fish, and plankton. And sea greens, and protein from the sea. It's all here, ready. Fresh as harvest day. Fish and sea greens, plankton and protein from the sea. And then it stopped coming. And they came instead. So I store them here. I'm ready. And you're ready. It's my job. To freeze you. Protein, plankton... " -- Steve Ballmer 

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    Maddus Mattus


    Happy bday!

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    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

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    Happy Birthday!


    What does Mazie think about W8?

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    She likes it - but requests a fire hydrant tile so she knows where to p...


    stop that - its siilly!

    This was a nice thread about metro and now its all - dogs releiving themselves.

    I myself have had 4 dogs and not once has one of them ever ... Ahhhhhhhhhh (plunge to death)

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    Oh good, I'm glad she enjoys it.

    I'm also surprised you didn't mention "Up". Big Smile

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    @jamie: If you upgrade it to the Release Preview, the store and things will start working again.

    I only hope that MS includes some sort of tutorial video that plays while you're installing so that users know the charms bar and app bars exist. They're not very discoverable at the moment,

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