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View Thread: Beginning of the end for web browsers
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    Web development is popular because it represents the highest reach for the lowest cost. This low cost isn't just about development. It's also about the cost of discoverability. Making it easy for customers to discover your applications is expensive. The process of downloading and installing is barrier enough, let alone the barrier of having to discover the source of the application download in the first place. For years throwing up a web application and paying for AdWords represented the lowest amount of effort to getting discoverability, although not necessarily the most effective way.

    Enter the concept of the "app store". This is now becoming a replacement for Google, Bing, and Yahoo for discovering applications. App store searches are WAY more effective than web searches.

    Now it's just an issue of cost of development. Do you still go for the cheap, lowest-common denominator approach using mobile HTML or develop native apps, which offer a much richer user experience? Third-party development tools that  output native code to multiple platforms are making it much easier to move away from HTML+Javascript development now. 

    I can't believe that Microsoft isn't seeing this. Instead of making Javascript a "first class citizen" of Windows 8 development, what Microsoft SHOULD have done is to make C# a first class citizen of iOS and Android platforms. And they can still do this by purchasing a relatively small company whose name begins with the letter "x". I'm sure that the selling price would be far less than what Microsoft had to pay for Danger.

    And when Microsoft is releasing all these nice apps for iPhone/iPad and Android before they do so for Windows Phone, I sure as hell hope they're at least using this third-party development tool that I speak of.