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Best Microsoft commercial evar!

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    Made me smile - great ad.

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    , PopeDai wrote


    The iPhone has the best picture-taking experience of every phone I've used - though it's a combination of having a great lens, great sensor, great screen to display pictures on, and a great processor to reduce latency and startup times. All of the other phones tend to get something wrong. (Disclaimer: I still haven't used a Windows Phone handset yet).

    Wow, have you even seen the reviews comparing different phone cameras? iPhone is average at best.

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    It made me smile and laugh, I sent it to all my friends.

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    @cbae:I totally agree! In fact we talk about it on this weeks episode of PING

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    I have the Samsung ATIV S Windows 8 Phone. To each his own I suppose. Had all of them, iPhones, Androids, Windows CE, 7s, now 8. They finally did it right. Wait until iOS 7, then all the Apple lovers will watch the interface go Windows(esque).  I enjoy the apple hardware, however don't like having to change adapters for every product i own.  At any rate - won't get into apples and oranges right now, but you can take it or leave it - the Windows 8 Phone experience is now the new bar to beat.  

    What Microsoft has done in the last year and some is epic and im not just talking about a damn phone. lol.  Anyone attending TechED 2013 in New Orleans? 



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