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Best Parts of Mix11 (a la me)

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    DISCLOSORE: I am not a "Microsoft shop" (not even a shop since i currently don't produce, just observe Smiley ) I am an open-{sorce,standards} guy.

    For me most of mix was propreitary in nature so wasn't relevant too much. But with the new IE, it seems that MS is leaning back towards standards. So there were some interesting things:

    1) A talk aout a javascript library

    2) a discusion about JavaScript here at 3:30:00:


    Other then that, Google I/O 2009 was more relevant Wink

    If, by any chance, you are interested in open standards, then Google i/o 2011 will be worth your while!


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    @fanbaby: Where can we see the videos from Google I/O?

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    , ZippyV wrote

    @fanbaby: Where can we see the videos from Google I/O?

    Let's ask Google  Tongue Out

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    There is also a pretty good talk on Mono:

    I'm a big fan of Mono personally. It's basically an indepenent reimplementation of the .NET toolchain (with some things missing, but other things added). The interesting thing about Mono is it runs pretty much everywhere.

    In that talk Miguel (the head of the Mono project) talks about some of the unique things Mono can do that vanilla .NET can not.

    To top it off, it's largely open source (and based on an open standard). Smiley

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    Sven Groot

    @Bass: I met Miguel at MIX, he's awesome. He also looks way younger than he is. Smiley

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    Sorry for the spelling, I don't know why, but chrome's spell-checker isn't working in this box.

    Bass, Mono yes or no is a big subject with many opinions on both sides of the issue. Sure, C# is an ISO standard, and mono is 100% open source. So theoretically i should be enthusiastic about it. But I am not. Reason? Microsoft. 

    As shown before, Microsoft would not hasitate to wield its patents to extort other players. It states that its patents are defensive in nature (as most high-tech compenies state), but blatently acts otherwise. Until the patent system mess is resoved i would advise against Mono and C#. This is only my opinion, and many smart minds, including Miguel of course, would probabely differ.

    Microsoft is sueing android makers, and the latest atack is about stupid lame patents that should have never seen the light of day. And the choir here is silent, or worse, says that MS has a case.

    I believe Microsoft, while still being hugely profitable, has woken to a new desruptive dawn, and is struglling hard to find its way here.

    I am also willing to bet that Microsoft, either this year or in the next few will open up dotnet completely. A question that Microsoft developers should ask themselves is will it not be too late.

    [Yes, i know all about the Oracle suit against Google]

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