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View Thread: Best use of a Kinect ever - Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator - Build & Test
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    Although the aiming pad, ambient, and only front projection are redundant. Especially the front projection is redundant because they can make it completely 360 degree similar to how Forza can do 3 screens, just need two more. Since we can have 360 degree view easily, the ambient is redundant. And the gun can have build-in wifi and accelerometer easy.

    The moving floor is cool though. I am sure it is not natural feeling as I am sure we can feel the floor is moving based on the momentum. But, still better than nothing.

    The virtual paint ball thing is awesome. Better to have direct input from game though. 

    Should use Kinect for walking, running, turning, and jumping. The floor is only to move player back to center.

    Well, based on what they have, it is still amazing. Just need polish.