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View Thread: Bing map is so laggy on my Win7 IE9. (Don't read if you don't like to read complaints.)
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    I haven't spend time on that machine. It is a 3 years old self-build Win7 PC. I gave it to my mom. It is a capable machine since I play shooters. And recently I tried Bing Map on that PC, and it is so slow. It is trying to do smooth panning animation, but, makes the GUI so laggy and irresponsive.


    Also I really have to say, Bing map is not as fast as Google map. The image loads so slow when I zoom in and out and move around (on my really fast Win8 as well). And I really dislike how sucky the Birds Eye view after all these years. I keep hoping to see them do something about it. But, it still just showing black tiles when there is no image from the same plane. Seriously with all the image research like Photo Synth, you would thought they can do some magic to stich the images together nicely. I know there will be section where two angles collide, but, it is understandable. Black tiles are just looking horrible. Also it is irritating that, when panning from East or from West, it actually loads two different sets of images on the same location. I mean, come on!!!!


    I really think Bing Map needs a lot of catching up. I am still using it and the direction finally able to do Google like user drag&drop route, but, performance, street view, and etc. Are still not on par. (And unrelated whinning, please bring back Mango Bing turn-by-turn navigation).