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Bizarre Bing Maps Feature

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    (I'm mainly posting this here because I know that, in the past at least, the maps team have engaged with people on this forum (Mark Brown springs to mind IIRC) and I don't have a whole lot of faith in Bing Maps' bug reporting link to get much attention, although I will report it there also)

    I was trying to search for some (UK) postcodes on Bing Maps this evening and it autocorrects the perfectly valid postcodes I enter (example N5 1RN). Why it thinks NW5 1RN would be a better place to go to I have no idea but it's somewhat annoying (and fortunate that I spotted it). If you click the "we autocorrected it, click here to go to what you typed" link the original search term works fine and returns the correct address.

    I hope someone at Bing Maps reads this and turns this off for postcodes...

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    I can forward internally.  Thanks for the feedback.

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    Thanks Smiley

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    @GoddersUK: At least it let you fix it. I've had times when it autocorrected a known correct address to something across the country and I could find no way to force it to go to the correct address.

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