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    Maddus Mattus

    @cbae: These are Marxist theories and history has proved them wrong time and time again. You are free to believe in them nonetheless.

    If you want to see where people are better off, it's in the areas where societies have embraced, relatively, free trade. The unrestrictive dance of capital and labor, where people get payed close to what they produce, is what is driving these countries forward. People have the option to say no to any transaction. So if two parties have dealings, both benefit. This is the way forward. By coercing people into transactions, one benefits at the expense of the other, wealth is destroyed this way.

    The Bakers could have left Sara Lee and started baking somewhere else. But they didn't. So it must have brought them some advantage. So they allowed the manager his multi mullion dollar salary, who the hell are you to judge that transaction was injust? It was out of their own free will the bakers participated!