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    A couple of recent articles to help inform people on financial inequality:

    "Stated another way, in two decades, nine of every 10 of the lowest income earners were able to improve their lot in life; two in five of them ended up in the top 40% of income earners. Those who started in the middle were also able to command larger salaries as time went on: Approximately 70% of people in the second-lowest group were also able to move up at least one income group, and those who experienced a decrease in income mobility were most likely to have started in the top 20%.

    The results of the study make sense: As people grow older, acquiring knowledge and skills along the way, they are able to garner a higher income. What this study shows is that contrary to those on the [redacted] who say the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, the gap actually gets smaller over time."