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    Maddus Mattus

    , evildictait​or wrote

    I don't follow. Without that income transaction the hospital wouldn't have been able to hire you, because the money that the hospital is spending originated from income tax.

    So either the hospital spending money hiring you is creating wealth, or it's destroying it. Choose one.

    Hospital was just an example, could have been any company. Last project I did was for a large fashion company, same principle applies.

    Hospitals destroy wealth by spending tax money inefficiently. If it was the patient's money, they would spend it more wisely. The four ways of spending money, remember?

    1. Your own money on yourself, you seek the most value for your money
    2. Your own money on somebody else, you seek the least cost
    3. Other guy's money on yourself, you seek the most quality
    4. Other guy's money on another guy, you are not motivated to watch cost and quality

    Hospital spending tax dollars would fall in the 3rd category. We need to bring it back to the 1st category, to make health care affordable.

    Hostess will no longer make twinkies != there will be no more twinkies made.

    During bankrupcy the assets of Hostess will be sold to the highest bidder. One of those assets is the brand name "twinkies". The new owner will continue to make twinkies if there is public demand for it.

    My point exactly. Hostess business model failed, time for someone new to do it differently. Nothing is actually lost, some capital, but that is it.