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    Maddus Mattus

    , cbae wrote

    What I described is neither a theory nor Marxist. I gave you a scenario--a very real one. Prove that it doesn't happen.

    I write software for a living. People come to me to write software for them. Why?

    Because I write software at a lower cost then they do, I'm more efficient. They are not software engineers, but a hospital for instance and their core business is operating on people.

    Now, when the hospital hires me, do I get richer at their expense? Not really, because the hospital could have done it themselves at higher cost. So I'm saving the hospital money, we are both better off.

    This is how the real world works, this is how value is created. No one is worse off in voluntary transactions. Where you have coerced transactions, like income taxation, you see that wealth actually gets destroyed.

    LMAO @ "dance of capital and labor".  It's so funny that you take your own drivel so seriously too. Waxing poetic as if you think you have some higher-order understanding of capitalism. LOL

    Without labor, capital is useless. Without capital, labor is useless. Capital seeks out labor and labor seeks out capital. Together they dance all over the world. From the USA, to the EU, to China. It is the great equalizer and bringer of wealth and happiness.

    We call this system laissez faire capitalism.

    You just said a whole lot of nothing. The company that filed for bankruptcy was Hostess. If Sara Lee workers wanted to go somewhere else, they now have even fewer places to go.

    Last time I looked, there is still a market for twinkies, so why don't they get off their backside and start baking some?