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    Maddus Mattus

    @Ian2: I applaud investing in third world countries, since they have labor enough, they just lack the capital to make efficient use of it. But, giving for the sake of giving, in my opinion, only serves to soothe the consience of the giver and does not help the receiver.

    If Bill G really wanted to make a difference, he should take up arms against the status quo that is keeping Africa poor. Subsidies on agriculture in the EU for instance and other foreign aid projects, building roads that no African will ever drive on.

    If Bill G really wanted to help, he should have stayed at Microsoft. He created more value for more people, then he ever can with his foundation. Every Microsoft employee is better off because of his ideas and work. Ultimately, windows even made Africa better off.

    While we detest the forms of consumerism like we see in that video, it is also the system that brought us so much wealth.