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    , Proton2 wrote

    So if CNN's statistics are to be believed, that means everyone over 14 went shopping between the Friday after Thanksgiving and the Sunday two days later. That includes 4,371,357 who are between 75-79, 3,110,470 between 80-84, 1,913,317 between 85-89, 830,206 between 90-94, 228,669 between 95-99, and 40,397 over 100.

    Well apart from the fact there's a massive strawman in there too.

    The analysis suggests that nobody out of the 20 million 10-14 year olds went shopping on those two days which is patently not true.

    In fact, if only half of those 10-14 year olds went shopping with their parents, then the analysis could have rejigged the numbers to say note that there is no requirement in the figures that 40,000 centenarians needed to be scrambling for a new PS3. In fact, half of the 10-14 year olds add up to all of the over 75s in your figures.

    It's funny how so many of these outraged analysis posts read. "Look at X! X is big! discounting A B and C (which I discount for poorly explained reasons) it means that P% of Q must be doing Z. Since P is huge and since hardly any of Q are doing Z (again, I'll just state that without justification), clearly X is false!"