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    Maddus Mattus

    , cbae wrote

    Are you really that dense? I'm not talking about the hospital getting poorer because it pays you. I'm talking about the money that's spent on you that isn't going to be spent on buying beds, medical devices, as well as paying doctors, nurses, and candystripers. It's also money that can't be earned by their internal IT people, if they have such a staff.

    So, the managers should work for less then the value that they add? What gives you the right to be the judge in that?

    If this hospital runs great as a result of your software, that means that they'll be getting more business and making more money at the expense of another hospital.

    Same applies to the value that the manager adds, he gets paid for it. If it's a couple of million, that's up to the company to decide.

    There's only a fixed amount of wealth in the world. Sure, countries can print money all they want if they run out, but the value of that currency drops relative to other currencies.

    No, not really. Look at barrels of oil, gold reserve, wealth is going up up up! It's not finite, that's another Marxist theory. As we advance, more resources will become available to use at less cost.

    Again, unless you can dig wealth straight out of the ground, all consumerism does is shuffle money around.

    You can actually. You dig oil, gold, copper, silver, water, etc. from the ground and create wealth.

    The idea that capitalism can cause all boats to float is a fallacy. The average standard of living of society as a whole has increased due to advancement of science and technology, although you want to give credit to capitalism for that LOL, but standard of living is not wealth. Wealth is not measured as an absolute value. It's relative.

    And why do we advance in science and technology? Because of a capitalist system! It pays off to invest (darn capital!) in more efficient ways of doing the same work. That's the dance of labor and capital I'm referring to!


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