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Blackberry Playbook

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    Just spent the afternoon in Reading hearing about VS2012 / ALM / Testing etc and came home with a Blackberry Playbook (64gb).  I love gadgets so will enjoy playing with it over the weekend.  Think I read something about an O/S update due sometime soon.

    I do seem to be a lucky ba$$tard sometimes.


    Edit: Here we go

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    I got one for free too. We should be friends.

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    I only know people who got them either free or discounted ridiculously because the store was getting rid of them.
    They make nice mobile web browsing and video playing devices though.

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    I bought mine for $699. My father for $199 or $299, and my mothers 16GB model for $199 or so.

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    First impressions are good.  Its a nice little device for browsing the web and general plying around.  Suspect it is best for serious Blackberry users - going to trial it on my wife (big Blackberry user)

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