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    @USArcher: Maybe, but missing basic features such as having an IM program open in the background is kind of lame. Once you are used to the workflow of other platforms it is hard to move to WP7, despite how nice it is.

    I recommended against it to anyone asking for advice. Once the platform matures, I think it will be the best platform out there. The problem is I think many will be too attached to their paid applications on the other platforms to switch. iBird is a great application for hikers, currently only available on iPhone and Android. It was kind of expensive. There are many other niche apps that have to move over.

    I find Microsoft's mobile situation kind of sad. I think it has great potential, but it is missing key features and it came too late, so its numbers will be too low to attract developers. With that people will build up their own library of paid apps on other platforms and be stuck forever.