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View Thread: Breaking News--Multiple Tornadoes Dallas Texas Area
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    Maddus Mattus

    @Dr Herbie: "extreme" is a point of view based upon a chosen "normal" and an chosen "acceptable" increase. All three are subjective to interpretation, so hold no merit in a scientific context.

    We have more people on the globe, so floods and storms are bound to have a greater impact. Instead of trying to fight the chosen cause, we should prepare for it. That's way more cost effective  then employing the ghostbusters to chase ghosts.

    Thinking that we can just implement some laws to change the climate, sounds like visions of grandeur. We do not have such and impact, neither do we wield such power over the climate.

    I'm with Proton, I'll do everything to be more energy efficient, because it saves me money.

    Going to watch the BBC video when I get home from work.