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View Thread: Breaking News--Multiple Tornadoes Dallas Texas Area
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    @Dr Herbie: I believe I recently commented on the latest IPCC report:

    "IPCC Confirms: We Do Not Know If The Climate Is Becoming More Extreme

    The full IPCC Special Report on Extremes is out today, and I have just gone through the sections in Chapter 4 that deal with disasters and climate change. Kudos to the IPCC — they have gotten the issue just about right, where "right" means that the report accurately reflects the academic literature on this topic. Over time good science will win out over the rest — sometimes it just takes a little while. –Roger Pielke Jr, 28 March 2012 "

    There are a lot of people whose livelihoods now depend on climate change being real. There are currently 85,000 jobs in the US alone described as Climate Change consultants.

    I have an open mind, but I have training in science and something like that BBC show is anecdotal evidence, not science. I continue to make observations, looking at the daily ice extent reports, the monthly temperature reports. Here is the latest global temperature from satellites report that just came out yesterday (see end of comment).

    Whether global warming or climate change is real or not, we all can do things that makes the world a better place. I don't think reducing carbon emissions will make the world a better place, but creating better energy efficient devices for example is always a good idea.

    I grew up during the energy crisis of the 70's. I formed a habit of turning off the lights when not in use. I even did a oral science presentation in science class on solar energy production. I really get turned off by all these good ideas getting appropriated by so called "green" advocacy. They had me at energy efficient, and they lost me at global warming / climate change.

    Global Temp March 2011

    ps. I'll watch that just because of you Herbie, though I have to set up a different computer so I can have sound.