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Breakthrough Opens Path to Optical Batteries

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    "Light has electric and magnetic components. Until now, scientists thought the
    effects of the magnetic field were so weak that they could be ignored. Rand and
    his colleagues found that at the right intensity, when light is traveling
    through a material that does not conduct electricity, the light field can
    generate magnetic effects that are 100 million times stronger than previously
    expected. Under these circumstances, the magnetic effects develop strength
    equivalent to a strong electric effect."

    'We've all been taught that this doesn't happen'

    Exciting. Big Smile


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    "They predict that with improved materials they could achieve 10 percent


    SunPower Sets Solar Cell Efficiency Record at 24.2%

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    @Proton2:  Yes, that's true, but this is brand new physics, which is what really interests me, and if you can use transparent material, like glass, and other non-conducting materials, then we may add that power source to other semiconductor based solutions.  However, the real issue with the technology is the intensity of the light required to get the magnetic field to emerge.  It certainly isn't practical yet, but again, it's new physics.  Smiley

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    That's true but glass opens a new range of applications. Think about the glass front of skyscraper or low energy houses that uses sunrooms to heat Now they could collect heat and electricity at the same time.

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    Interesting, but, it is not something like using Light to transmit electricity right? I kind of want something like no powe plug thing.

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    so there are unexpectedly large TM modes ?  Are you talking about  resonant coupling   to certain media  or  are you suggesting  new  boundary conditions apply ??

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    I bet it's  some form of plasma  interaction..

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