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View Thread: Broken VPN support in Windows 8 (RTM)?
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    , GoddersUK wrote

    +1. They should call it "fast shut down" or something and have a separate option for "full shut down" (although why you'd need full shut down, other than to restart, I'm not sure)

    EDIT: The problem is that in most people's mind shut down and restart are basically synonymous - except that restart also starts it up again. For us, we can be told it's different and it's fine - but what about "average Joe" who can't figure out why his updates aren't applying? (on a related note I still find that the majority of people don't realise that hibernate is a 0 power consumption mode, but think it's more like standby)

    "Full shutdown" is achieved by doing precisely that in Windows8. If you want a proper reset, choose "restart".

    "Shutdown" to most users means "turn the power off" rather than reset the internal state of the machine.

    "Restart" means reset the internal state of the machine, and so it performs a full shutdown and reset.