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    , ESgarbi wrote

    4 out of the 10 people I know have already signed up. I don't remember in past PDCs or even last year Build having this type of format (only computers loaded with hands on labs stuff). I think its going to be interesting.

    The only problem is that I don't think i want to miss out the attendee party to code until 2am on Thursday. 

    I'm coordinating the Hackathon for Build, and yeah, this is definitely new. The reason we're doing this is because we think people learn better when they're actually writing code. Our hands-on labs have previously been copy/paste here and see that it works, and this in a sense is an evolution of our hands-on labs.

    Also, just to be clear at least for judging, final apps are due at 8PM on Thursday at the latest. That means all Hackathon attendees should go to the attendee party Smiley