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  • vesuvius

    I did not manage to watch the first half an hour or so, as I was stuck at work, but managed to catch the latter part.

    My feelings are that the bright minds at channel 9 have been prescient and illuminating. My biggest dissapointment is ready-ness of the tools but we have yet to hear from the Visual StudioTeam. I don't think I will be downloading the preview until I hear further about the new API's.

    I also think that my salary/wages comes from businesses that can afford budgets to allow products to be created, and that there is little to nothing for most businesses in this release, but a hell of a lot for users and tablets. This is a client focussed release, with Microsoft traditional clients being given the cold shoulder. I think this will be a success, as the applications and usability are attractive, but a lot of what has been shown will be copied easily by competitors, so it is a tricky one to call.

  • aL_

    fyi, you can rewind the stream and watch the first part right now Smiley

    i agree that there was a lot of user centric stuff, but they did try to show that pro users will have their fill as well, that keyboard junkies will be able to use win8 fully as well.

    what i'd really liked to have seen more of is how immersive apps work in desktop mode [as they can be pinned to the taskbar] will you be able to run them in window mode?

    Also, what about the win+<0..9> shourtcuts will work in immersive mode (if anything)

    i'll reserve my judgement intil 3 am tonight when the dev preview is available for download Smiley



    hm, the stream might be down now

  • felix9
  • ryanb

    @felix9:  I was just about to post that. Smiley  You beat me to it.


  • Ian2

    Well it all looks "super awesome" to me - hopefully that doesn't mean I am just gullible.  I'm going to download asap and see how long it takes to get "Shooting Gallery" running on Win8.  Suspect that I will have to compromise a bit as I don't have the hardware for motion detection etc but it seems like a good place to start.

  • PerfectPhase

    No @ch9live I'm distraught Sad


  • aL_

    *must watch*


    hellooo.... "Xbox LIVE, Microsoft's premier entertainment service, is coming to Windows 8. Whether you are developing a game or another kind of entertainment app for Windows 8, Xbox LIVE can help your app stand out in the crowd and help engage and delight users. You will learn about how to implement our well-loved features like Achievements, Multiplayer, Avatars and Community and brand new ones like roaming storage and profiles.  "

    xbox live? not games for windows....  should be interesting, maybe those xbox app dreams should not be laid to rest yet


    indeed Crying



  • PerfectPhase

    Anyone know what the '+ add all videos to queue' option on the video pages does?  Is there a download manger somewhere or a private favourites/playlist?

    As I'm now starved of content, I think I'll sleep now until 3am GMT Smiley

  • kettch

    @vesuvius: What do you mean about nothing attractive to businesses?

    Sure, they didn't talk about the enterprise feature sets, but the performance and footprint improvements alone should be great for businesses. It lets them get more value out of their workstation purchases.

    PDC hasn't traditionally focused on enterprisey stuff, so I wouldn't expect build to change that.

  • W3bbo

    ,kettch wrote

    PDC hasn't traditionally focused on enterprisey stuff, so I wouldn't expect build to change that.

    At previous PDCs they announced and demo'd things like WPF, WCF, .NET, COM, a whole series of platforms used by "enterprise".

  • aL_


    i think that's what they'll do on tomorrows keynote..

    winRT is com btw. com.vnext:)

  • AndyC

    I think the keynote left me with a lot more questions than it did answers. How well do Metro-ified apps work in a multi-monitor setup (do they really all have to live on one screen?), what's to stop malware running whatever that magic command line that defines the 'refresh' setup?, does WinRT completely replace Win32 or is it all going to be a bit WinForms-esque?

    And a list of Enterprise questions as long as my arm (and a bit more) but hopefully now the silence is lifted we'll start to see more of that story unfold too.

  • aL_


    i think winRT only wraps win32 and provides metadata that the various programming models consume. winRT probably doesnt do very much in itself

  • ZippyV

    ,PerfectPhase wrote

    No @ch9live I'm distraught Sad


    Fail and just like last time: keynote ends and my paused keynote stops too.

  • felix9

    @aL_: well, I think a LOT of functionality of the WinRT libraries doesnt have a counterpart as pure Win32 API in C functions, for example the UI.Xaml stuff, and many others.

  • aL_

    dunno man.. i think those extra things arent really part of winRT, just new win32 libraries that winRT exposes..

    native apps wont want to have the winRT overhead, also native devs want that win32, to the metal feel..

    my guess is as good as anyones though Smiley

  • Spongman

    ,PerfectPhase wrote

    No @ch9live I'm distraught Sad


    ok, that does it, i'm switching to iOS development...


    oh, wait, objective-C? really?

  • Simo

    hmm . Anyone any idea how I can catch Sinofsky's keynote now that it's over?

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