I did not manage to watch the first half an hour or so, as I was stuck at work, but managed to catch the latter part.

My feelings are that the bright minds at channel 9 have been prescient and illuminating. My biggest dissapointment is ready-ness of the tools but we have yet to hear from the Visual StudioTeam. I don't think I will be downloading the preview until I hear further about the new API's.

I also think that my salary/wages comes from businesses that can afford budgets to allow products to be created, and that there is little to nothing for most businesses in this release, but a hell of a lot for users and tablets. This is a client focussed release, with Microsoft traditional clients being given the cold shoulder. I think this will be a success, as the applications and usability are attractive, but a lot of what has been shown will be copied easily by competitors, so it is a tricky one to call.