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    @montywi: so, can we have details on how you track down people who violated the license and request a fee from the person who "unknowingly" used a modifies version of your product called KakaDB? And the reason they used KaKaDB is because it is free and the user doesn't allocate budget on it? I am saying this because who should you charge when you cannot find KaKaDB publisher anymore and the user had no idea where the publisher went as well. And the user cannot just stop using KaKaDB as their company relies on it, but, they don't have enough money to keep using this KaKaDB which violated your license. Let me give you a personal example about Getty Image. A friend of mine paid a web hosting company, and it provided a free site template. After a year or two, Getty image start harassing him because the fainted background image on the menu side bar is part of a Getty Image. And it is an extremely high priced. The image has taken from a colored desert photography, cropped to only see 1/4 corner of a dry tree from the desert scene. Turned to only green gradient and mirrored. Such common dry brush still have enough unique pattern to say this heavily modified photo originated from Getty Image. Getty Image has harassed him directly, refusing to contact the web hosting nor the template provider. Are you going to harass the clueless users just like Gatty Images? Using anything that can be modified and hard to verify its originality will leads to clueless user getting baited for no reason and get penalized. And the violator will just keep stealing and selling it and change his name before you find him.