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C# Sux?

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    Is there are C# equivalent of sux4j or c++ sdsl?

    The important factors in these is of course the amount of memory taken and the time to construct/search the compressed array/index.

    It may well be that it mkaes most sense to provide managed interfaces to C/C++ lib that construct the tree and perform the traversal but I don't know for sure yet how much slower C# is these actions.

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    Interesting "CS101" paper about efficient dynamic arrays:

    Here's a javascript compressed trie benchmark.

    I'm using IE10's old preview and for some reason that preview is abysmally slow, must have been fixed since as the other IE10 results aren't that bad. 


    I'd be very interested in speculation of whether you think AVX2 with its new bit manipulation (bit scatter/gather, shifts etc) instructions would speed up operations related compressed suffix arrays / tries. I skipped over the Ivy Bridge upgrade and preliminary Haswell tests @ Toms suggest the most interesting speedup would be from AVX2 optimizable code.

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