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View Thread: C++11 is Officially Official!!!
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    @aL_: Compilers will need time to catch up... VC has had support for many of the key C++11 features for a few years now (lambdas, auto, shared_pointer, make_shared, etc...). Unfortunately, none of the compilers today support what is in my opinion ( Andrei brainwashed me at C++ and Beyond, I guess Smiley ) a key feature -> template aliasing with the using keyword (you can't typedef templates in C++ today...). Of course, it also works for types that aren't templated. It's a convenient new feature.

    I also think variadic templates will prove to be a powerful and widely-used new feature over time. Of course, most folks won't use variadic templates in their day to day lives (in fact, most current large code bases will not move to C++11 for quite some time and what new features are used will be based on need and agreeable cost/change...). VT is an advanced feature (then there's variadic variadic template templates Smiley ), but having just learned how it should be used and could be used, well, I hope to see it supported everywhere.