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CNN intra-site links serving scareware?

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    Yesterday I received a couple of internal reports of links on serving scareware. The users claim the links are on and purport to link to other articles on; yet, when they click on the link a giant your machine is unsecure and buy crap from us to fix it.

    After doing some searching I read that back in 2007, Double Click ads were feeding through with malware and one of the sites affected was CNN. However, I don't see anything recently nor that relates to CNN links on CNN property purported to be to other CNN property.

    Anyone else hearing reports of such for CNN?


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    @davewill: yet another instance where I should have said no way, right away. Long story short ... Showed user a screenshot of yesterday,s home page and pointed out the bazillion links interspersed among links and asked "are you sure?". They said they see now that it was links to other sites they were clicking. I still say the browser should have a mode where it only deals with links and references with the same domain as in the page URL. All other links and references are ignored. That suggestion on connect was already shot down though.

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    @DaveWill2: Or at least some kind of tool tip or cursor change that would tell you that the link is leaving the current domain. That would be kind of like how Wikipedia or MSDN have an icon next to links that go to another site, but implemented client side.

    Obviously it would get ignored by people just the same as the URL tooltip at the bottom of the screen is also ignored, because they really want to see the dancing bunnies.

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