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    You should probably go to the Griffith Observatory.

    Disneyland and the other attraction parks are rip offs even for Socal residents who only pay $100 for a season pass.

    Six Flaggs is just about the only good one. You'll probably want to visit the Queen Mary at the port Long Beach and the Russian submarine there.

    The Queen Mary does Groupons all the time if you want to stay the night there.

    You may want to go see the Dodgers or the Galaxy. I dunno if you're a sports fan.

    Beware of the public beaches in Venice and LA, they're dirty as hell and some gangs hang out there.

    In San Diego there's the zoo. Also you'll be in proximity to Mexico and Tijuana in San Diego, so if hookers, drugs and donkey shows are your thing, that may interest you. Oh yeah, and really bad gangs that will do awful things to tourists in Mexico.

    Stay out of East LA and don't feed the crazy people on Hollywood boulevard when you go see the walk of fame. (I like the walk of fame at the harbor in HK way better than the one in Hollywood)