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View Thread: Can other Lumia 920 owners hang up?
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    I have this problem.  There's some kind of short in the proximity sensor.  Mine started like yours, but then quickly got so bad that as soon as you start a phone call, it will turn off the screen, like the proximity sensor is always in the on or off state (whichever activates/deactivates the phone).  There's nothing I can do but constantly hit the power button repeatedly while trying desperately to hit one of the phone buttons; if I manage to hit the speaker button, then the screen will stay on and I can use the bloody phone.  Hanging up involves hitting the power button repeatedly and attempting to hit the end call button until I finally get it to hang up - or the other person hangs up first.

    I cannot get it repair under warranty because I got the phone at Build and the phone, according to Nokia's website is not covered in either Canada or the USA.

    It is definitely a short however, as sometimes if I squeeze the phone in the right spot, the proximity sensor will work for a while.  It's become rarer and rarer that it will actually work like that, however.  So there must be a loose solder point or something.  I'm eventually going to crack it open and attempt to fix it myself.