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View Thread: Can other Lumia 920 owners hang up?
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    I decided to jump on the Windows Phone 8 bandwagon.  And for the most part I am pleased.  My Lumia 920 is a good phone and Windows Phone 8 is a good OS for it.  There are problems of course, but most of them I can live with.

    However, there is one issue that has finally driven me to post here (to see if others have this same problem).

    About 50% of the time when I am done with a call, I can't get the screen to turn on.  My iPhone had a sensor that could just know when I was not holding it to my face anymore and would turn the screen on.

    It would be one thing if my Lumia 920 just could not sense that I am holding the phone to my face anymore.  But it takes one more step into stupidity.  It turns off the screen after I push the "Power/Activate" button.  (The screen flashes on for about a half a second and then goes off again.)

    I have to say that this is really frustrating and it is starting to sour me on my phone.  I have left several empty messages that I did not intend to leave as I try to hit the hang up button in the 0.5 seconds that the screen is showing.

    So, does anyone else have this issue?  And if you have, do you have a workaround?.