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Can we hear about CLR code generation?

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    I know that C++ is hot these days, but now with C# more popular by some accounts ( than C++, it's clear we're still in love with managed code. Ever since the v3.5 SP1 CLR improvements dropped almost 4 years ago, however, I haven't heard about improvements to JIT code generation yet it's obvious that there is a lot of room for improvement here (vectorization, inlining, floating point improvement, x86/x64 JIT feature parity). I've read about GC improvements, NGen improvements, JIT parallelization and asynchrony (like Chakra does with JS in IE9), but nothing on code gen. The blog at has been quiet for a long time.

    So, what's up? Is there a Niner which can shed light on this or scoop the gritty tech details of the 2012 JIT code gen story?

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