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    , Proton2 wrote



    Prime Minister.

    But what about the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who actually hired the guy in the first place? Or the Permanant Secretary to the Treasury, who tells the Chancellor of the Exchequer things like how to tie his shoelaces and not to swear at journalists?

    And what about the CEOs of banks? The board of RBS have made more of an impact to the country's economy over the past ten years (both up and down) than the head of the BoE.

    Or how about the head of the department for Work and Pensions? His department gets people back to work and runs the job centres, or the head of the department for Business Innovation and Skills, who encourages Business Growth? Or the CEO of the CBI? Or the head of the Chambers of Commerce? Or the Chairman of the Chinese Sovereign Wealth Fund? Or the Foreign Secretary who encourages external businesses to start in the UK and buy UK exports? Or frankly any single member of the Cabinet or their Permanent Secretaries? Or the chairman of the Conservative Party? Or the Deputy Prime Minister?

    Methinks you have assumed too quickly that the head of the BoE is important. Or that he can change the economy at will.