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    , JohnAskew wrote


    Then I am a jealous neighbor to the south. But there may be more than 2 parties back up in there...

    We have setup an anti-gravity field around the political center in the USA, so that no one can meet and work anything out. It's flawless so far...


    There are 2 other parties that have elected members. The Greens with 1 seat, and the New Democrat Party (NDP) sometimes incorrectly called National by outsiders. The NDP have enough seats to form the opposition, which just means they are in second place. There is also a Quebec Independence party that only have members from Quebec, and not that long ago was the official opposition. I'm not even sure if they have any seats at all, and I'm to lazy to Bing it. The NDP is considered a far left party, whose popular leader recently died from cancer.