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    OK, so it's all but over, and we've elected the Progressive Conservative party into a majority government, after the last two elections gave them only a minority government.  So, I hope the conservatives stay level headed and don't do anything extreme, because I agree with their economic policy and think that without the conservative party in power during the worldwide economic "downturn" we'd all be in worse shape.  It's clear that Canada has become more polarized, however, with the Liberal party losing so many seats and the NDP, the most left-wing and socialist party in Canada, having the best result in their history.  The Bloc, a Quebec-only and separatist party has lost the most - having only 2 seats (the final number remains to be seen) left, forcing them to lose their official party status for the first time in my lifetime (or at least, my memory).  Big surprise in Quebec.  The NDP gained most in Quebec, stealing most of Quebec from the Bloc.

    Just sayin', eh?