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View Thread: Case for Bill Gates To Focus on Microsoft Not Foundation
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    , raymond wrote


    I think you missed the point of the video that argues for capitalism and individualism and against socialism or collectivism and  government intervention.

    I think perhaps you've missed the point. 


    I.e. You are being socialist (telling Bill Gates how to spend his money) and collectivist (because it's somehow part of the "greater good" if he spends it how you suggest) and being anti-capitalist (not letting him spend his own money) and anti-individualist (not letting his decide for himself what to do with his money).

    If you're a capitalist and an individualist, you have to hand it to him. He made the money fair and square. If he wants to spend it all on malaria tablets and give them out for free in Africa, that's for him to decide.

    Telling Bill Gates how to spend his money because "it would be better for society if he spent it this way or that way" is socialist collectivism. Recognising his right to choose how to spend his own money is capitalist individualism.