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Channel 9 BUILD Homepage Video Links?

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    1) Go to homepage.
    2) Go to Day 1.
    3) Click one of the "Jump To XX:XX" links. Nothing?

    I guess these were hot links to the live stream? Kind of pointless to have them on the homepage, as I'd expect these to bring up yesterdays stream and watch from the jump point.

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    It was working 2 hours ago.

    But now the stream player is replaced by this text "The live stream for today has ended, tomorrow's live stream will start at 8:30am PDT, see you then!", so those links wont work anymore.

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    Looks like there are videos now too. The bottom had 0, now there's 39..see what's in there Smiley

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    Trying to watch on iPad(mp4) but request keeps timing out...

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    @Harlequin: You're holding it wrong.

    If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
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