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Channel 9 Live at MIX11 - Who do you want us to talk to (on your behalf)?

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  • nic

    Hey Niners

    We'll be broadcasting live, unscripted and fully interactive from the MIX11 show floor on Tuesday April 12th and Wednesday April 13th for MIX11.

    Same drill as before - you get to ask the questions via twitter (or here in the Coffeehouse) that we then read out to our guests to answer in real-time.

    We're going to use a hashtag -> #ch9live <- this time instead of asking you to reply to the @ch9live account but the end result will be the same.

    Now that sessions have been posted - who would you like to see on Channel 9 Live at MIX11?

    Check out the MIX11 session guide here and let me know who you'd like to see and what topics you'd like covered. I'd love to hear your panel ideas as well.

    We're hoping to chat with Scott Guthrie, Dean Hachamovitch and Joe Belfiore at some point. Who else should we put on the Channel 9 Live stage?

    If you have any suggestions for how we can improve the Channel 9 Live show feel free to send me an email: nicfill (at) microsoft [dot] com



  • Richard.Hein

    Bart de Smet

  • nic

    @Richard.Hein: Done and Done. Who else? Smiley

  • felix9

    JavaScript guys like Nikhil Kothari, Luke Hoban, HTML5 guys, like Giorgio Sardo, and NUI and Surface guys like Luis Cabrera, 3rd party speakers and OSS guys like Miguel de Icaza.

    you can make Nikhil Kothari talk to Douglas Crockford and see what happens.

    ps: ALL sessions posted ? sure ? no more suprises and TBA ? Tongue Out

  • nic

    @felix9: Good catch... I cannot confirm nor deny if there are more sessions to be announced Wink

    Let me update my post so that it's a little clearer Smiley

    These are are great suggestions - thanks.

    Keep em coming!

  • JoshRoss

    @nic: I would love to here something from Blaise Aguera y Arcas.


  • englishbob

    Rob Miles please!



  • nic

    @JoshRoss: Not sure if Blaise is going to be at MIX this year... I'll investigate

  • nic

    @englishbob: Will reach out to Rob

  • JoshRoss

    @nic: While you're looking for that Rob, see if you can find another. Red rover, red rover, send Robby Ingebretsen on over.


  • Bass

    Miguel de Icaza, Chris Hardy or Jeroen Frijters

  • magicalclick

    Only Steve Balmer come to my mind. I need to know what is MS' directions toward many markets. It the interview would get many feedback from the viewers, which I think Balmer should also consider greatly.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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  • Ian2

    Can you seek out some WP7 indie developers and ask them how they go about promoting their Apps? (this is a specific interest related to my chapter for Mike Ormonds upcomming Kindle Book but I would be happytif you just interviewed a few indie WP7 devs with general questions surrounding their apps as well).

  • chrisntr

    I'd be happy to go on with Miguel De Icaza if that could be arranged, thanks for offering me up @Bass.

  • Typhoon87

    Joe Belfoure of the Windows Phone 7/Zune teams. Would love to hear what they plan to do to streamline and improve the release schedule of future Windows Phone updates.

  • Sean Gerety

    How about the MSR folks?

  • Charles

    , Sean Gerety wrote

    How about the MSR folks?

    Yes Smiley


  • dmcquiston

    Brian Harry or Grant Holliday from the VS team

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