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Charles Torre = Executive Producer - App Experience @ Microsoft

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    See his LinkedIn page

    Executive Producer - App Experience


    January 2014 – Present (1 month)Redmond, WA, USA

    Ensuring that apps on Microsoft's platforms are of top quality with amazing experiences for users. This involves working closely with designers and engineers to deliver incredible apps that resonate with users and showcase the real potential of the platform.

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    Congrats Charles.

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    Congratulations, Charles! That's great.

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    Sweet. Congrats Charles! step closer to CEO.

    Where does this fall in the reorg? Do you get to chase anyone down for terrible UX?

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    Very cool ... I think you'll do a great job.  Congrats!  Smiley

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    Looks like he took the position with little fan fair. I didn't see him post his new job position on channel 9. Here it looks like we have some one who doesn't toot his own horn.

    Congratulations Charles!


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    Good luck Charles, rock and roll Smiley

    Warning, Off off Topic: I was sure you're going elsewhere. You seems smarter then to stay with this patent troll.

    Sorry to p--s off some regulars here who think registering a patent means you're innovative. You are not, it only means you have the $$ to spend on lawyers. And it means you ask your developers to waste their time on meetings with lawyers.


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    Dr Herbie


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    lol,congrats, Charles.

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    Thanks, all! I appreciate the kind words. ( Nothing gets by Felix. I should've known that Smiley )

    Time for old Charles to follow his C9 slogan. It was hard leaving C9, but 9 years on 9 seemed like the perfect time to change, and I welcome it with open arms. I will of course not be too far from here (same building and floor as the C9 team!). I'm a Niner for life! I can see C9 content in my future, too Smiley

    I'll share more details about the new job once they've been established. It's very early days in the new role, with lots of work to do before results happen (one of the great things about this new role is that I am actively defining it).

    I've never been one to make things about me - since, most often, they aren't.

    Looking forward to sharing more with you soon.

    I love C9 and the wonderful community of Niners around the world. Thank you for helping to make the last 9 years so awesome. Rock and roll, indeed.



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    @Charles: So...are you going to do your own exit-interview? Big Smile

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    Congrats on your new job, Charles!
    Your regular C9 interviews will be missed.

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    Congrats on the new job, hope you have loads of fun there too. Big Smile

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