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    , AndyC wrote


    Just because older W7 PC spec hardware is capable of running W8, doesn't preclude the introduction of newer W8 spec hardware which will be even better. Indeed W8 goes out of it's way to adapt to older hardware in more ways than just cleartype and high dpi support, such as enabling special support for the less sensitive touch displays found in W7 devices.

    Introduction of something better? How's that when it displays make my text less readable in W8? So what you're saying is I should forgive Microsoft for reducing text clarity on my desktop's lower dpi displays when running Windows 8 because they were so gracious to accommodate my hardware in other ways? What happened to "No Compromises"? Did Sinofsky lie?

    , evildictaitor wrote


    I was just remembering a discussion I had with one of the Win32k team at MS, but it was a long time ago. Lots of people on the Internet are claiming that cleartype is off in Metro, but it's also clear that it's on in IE10 (which is Win8 only). So I don't know. It's not all there, but it's not all gone either.

    That's a little different than stating it will be only off in tablets. I'm glad we can both agree Microsoft is implementing a less capable version of ClearType in W8 across the board. Smiley

    And for the record all of my displays do not rotate to portrait.

    Sounds like Microsoft is saying "since we can't do ClearType right on tablets let's just not do it right everywhere else". Yeah Microsoft!