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    , DeathByVisualStudio wrote


    Introduction of something better? How's that when it displays make my text less readable in W8? So what you're saying is I should forgive Microsoft for reducing text clarity on my desktop's lower dpi displays when running Windows 8 because they were so gracious to accommodate my hardware in other ways? What happened to "No Compromises"? Did Sinofsky lie?

    Text won't be any less readable, Cleartype for desktop applications works exactly as it always has, regardless of how high a dpi display you have. It's only in Metro applications that they appear to have removed the sub-pixel rgb optimsations. Presumably that's because Metro tends to use larger fonts and large areas of flat colour, which reduces the need and benefits of doing so.

    It's all academic in portrait mode anyway, since the orientation of the display pixels isn't suitable for Cleartype's RGB tricks anyway, so there is nothing to gain there.